How to Set up a Distance Selling Pharmacy in England

Setting up an Online Pharmacy, (technically a “Distance Selling” Pharmacy) can be an attractive prospect. Reduced overheads, lower up-front costs, and no NHS requirement to justify the need of setting up a pharmacy. If you’re considering the move for yourself, understanding the journey ahead of you is as simple as reading this guest blog post

All 16 NHS Decisions Received in May

Apart from two weeks at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, I can honestly say that every month has been busy, but May 2021 was busier than normal. In total we received NHS decisions at local or appeal level on 16 different pharmacy applications covering everything from relocations of pharmacies to opening new pharmacies. Rushport

Going from 100-40 hour Pharmacy – Worth the Risk?

Our client operated two pharmacies in the same town. One was a standard hours pharmacy in the town centre and the other was a 100 hour pharmacy in a local medical centre. High operating costs meant that the 100 hour pharmacy was no longer viable and the 40 hour pharmacy was not busy either. Our