November 14, 2023
  • Rushport Advisory

Pharmacy secured for New Medical Centre After 4 Years of Trying

4 years ago the developer of a new medical centre in Walsall started to look for a pharmacy tenant. Unfortunately the process they agreed with their advisor was doomed to failure from the start as they simply invited all pharmacies in the wider area to submit bids for the pharmacy unit without properly considering which of them had a realistic chance of securing NHS approval to relocate their pharmacy. We were approached by a number of pharmacies asking us to act for them, but it was apparent that none of them had a realistic chance of success. Things went quiet for some time until the Lloyds disposals happened and a new client asked our advice about purchasing one of the Lloyds branches that was near to the new medical centre. We felt their application had a very good chance of success and agreed to act for them. Our client’s application to relocate to the new medical centre was approved in November 2023 with no appeal rights granted to any other pharmacy contractor and the new pharmacy should open early next year.