June 4, 2021
  • Rushport Advisory

All 16 NHS Decisions Received in May

Apart from two weeks at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, I can honestly say that every month has been busy, but May 2021 was busier than normal.

In total we received NHS decisions at local or appeal level on 16 different pharmacy applications covering everything from relocations of pharmacies to opening new pharmacies. Rushport was also confirmed as a finalist in the 2021 Healthinvestor Awards where we are up for an award in the “Best Consultant – Strategy” category.

Of the 16 NHS applications we received decisions on, 14 were approvals for our clients and 2 were refusals of applications. However, the two refusals were in cases where we were acting to opose an application on behalf of an existing pharmacy, so that meant 16 happy clients. I also attended a Primary Care Appeals oral hearing and hope to have the decision on that in June.

There is no “reviews” section on our website as I see them as self-congratulatory nonsense that just ignores anything negative, but I can’t help myself from posting this email that I received from a client in May after we won their appeal for them.

Hi Conor, 

This is good news. Thank you so much. During the wait, I read most of your work on the NHS website, and I just want to say that you are fantastic at your job. You are simply the best!

Once again, thank you very much. I am extremely grateful. 

Kind Regards, 


That type of message means a lot… even if posting it is self-congratulatory nonsense.