Every month is busy, but May was notable for the number of NHS decisions we received.

We recently acted for the owner of a 100 hour pharmacy who could no longer afford to operate it for the extended hours. We were able to relocate a 40 hour pharmacy to replace their 100 hour contract, but in this case it was a very high risk option.

We are pleased to announce that we have successfully completed work on a new medical centre project in Ware, Hertfordshire. Rushport was appointed by the developers of the new medical centre to secure a new pharmacy tenant. We were able to secure the tenant and then act for them to relocate their existing pharmacy to the development. The new pharmacy opened this week and looks amazing!

We are pleased to announce another new standard hours contract approval for a client in Warrington.

We are delighted to announce that we have secured consent for a new standard hours pharmacy to open in Rainham. The case was a complex one and involved an oral hearing where we had to make an additional application to amend the opening hours for the pharmacy. Our application to amend the opening hours was accepted, but this triggered a further referral of the application to interested parties. In the end Primary Care Appeals accepted the request to amend the opening hours, approved the application and refused the objector's attempts to have the case remitted back to NHS England for a fresh determination.

In this article I look at the history of NHS internet pharmacy in England and the possible sale of Pharmacy2U and recent sale of Co-op Pharmacy.

The NHS has granted permission for our client to open a new pharmacy in Cornwall in a case that raised complex issues about the rights of dispensing doctors to object to pharmacy applications and whether areas are classified as "reserved locations" and if "prejudice" to services provided by dispensing doctors is proven or not.

Rushport has worked with Pharmacy Mentor to produce the only website which meets the regulatory requirements and provides the services detailed in our Standard Operating Procedures In our October news post we highlighted the changes in the Regulations coming for every pharmacy contractor, big or small, who operate a distance selling pharmacy. At that time we also realised that ...

Rushport secures a new standard hours pharmacy contract for a growing area of Corby after a previous application by another party was refused.

Some applications are particularly worthy of note and this was one of them. Four separate applications, three years, two sets of opposing law firms and one very satisfying decision.