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January 15, 2021
  • Rushport Advisory

Distance Selling Pharmacy Websites – What the New Regulations Mean for You

How to meet Distance-Selling Pharmacy Website Regulations

Rushport has worked with Pharmacy Mentor to produce the only website which meets the distance-selling pharmacy regulations and provides the services detailed in our Standard Operating Procedures

In our October news post we highlighted the changes in the Regulations. These are coming for every pharmacy contractor – big or small, who operate a distance-selling pharmacy. At that time we also realised that none of the current website providers were able to provide our clients with a template website that took account of the regulatory changes. Nor one that incorporated the requirements of the Standard Operating Procedures that we supply as part of our service. We specialise in making applications to the NHS for new distance-selling pharmacies.

The new Regulations state as follows:

28C β€œAn NHS pharmacist (P) in respect of distance selling premises must ensure that P has a website for use by the public for the purpose of accessing pharmaceutical services from those premises, on which there is an interactive page, clearly promoted to any user of the website when they first access it, which provides public access to a reasonable range of up to date materials that promote healthy lifestyles by addressing a reasonable range of health issues.

This regulation comes into effect on April 1st, 2021.

We are delighted to announce that we have worked with pharmacymentor.com to produce a website which complies with the regulatory requirements. It even complies with the requirements of the Standard Operating Procedures. No other pharmacy website provider offers this. We advise all our clients, past, current and future, to check with Pharmacy Mentor to ensure their website is compliant.

To read our original October article, as well as a news article from Pharmacy Mentor, click below.

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