October 20, 2020
  • Rushport Advisory

Pharmacy Notice of Commencement Changes

**Important Regulation Changes For Anyone Buying, Selling, Relocating or Opening an NHS Pharmacy in England**

Anyone involved in the sale, purchase, relocating or opening of new pharmacies will need to be aware that from 9 November 2020 the relevant NHS Regulations will change and will require no less than 30 days notice for a Notice of Commencement for the new premises/owner to be valid unless the relevant Area Team has agreed a shorter notice period in advance. Currently, the requirement is for these notices to be submitted not more than 14 days from commencing services.

The change may seem small, but if a new pharmacy contractor is unaware of this change and submits their Notice of Commencement late then not only is it invalid, but their entitlement to open the pharmacy will lapse if there is not enough time to submit a new notice.

[details on other regulatory changes to follow] #pharmacy