February 14, 2020
  • Rushport Advisory

A very busy start to 2020

January 2020 has been the busiest month I have ever had. Normally I would produce several blog posts to cover what we have been up to, but there has just been too much going on, so here is a brief summary of what happened at Rushport while everyone else was getting back to work.

  • Distance Selling application approved at appeal for our client by the same Committee that refused the Pharmacy2U application one week earlier.
  • Two further distance selling applications approved without any appeal rights being given to interested parties.
  • Seven separate relocation applications approved;
    • One of over 2 miles after an oral hearing
    • One in Birmingham also after an oral hearing
    • Two to medical centres without any appeal rights being given to interested parties
    • Two relocations of 40 hour pharmacy contracts to 100 hour medical centre pharmacies enabling a reduction in trading hours
    • One for a client who had to receive the decision without appeal rights being given to any party by 31 January or they would have to close their pharmacy – approved on 30 January!
  • Secured a tenant for a new medical centre development in Wales after a previous deal that the developer had done fell through.
  • Commenced work on two applications to relocate client’s pharmacies to new medical centre developments
  • Agreed terms on the sale of two pharmacies in two specialist transactions – Rushport does not normally get involved in sales of pharmacies but these were for specialist niche clients who had very particular requirements.
  • Commenced work to secure tenants for three new medical centre developments
  • Completed work on the opening of two private pharmacies
  • Started work on the relocation of a Dispensing Appliance Contractor

There are a couple of other pieces of work that merit their own blog post and which I will write about in more detail later in the year. The other thing of note that happened was a Linkedin message from someone I have never heard of who said “shame on you” and accused me of “destroying society’s fabric” because of my work. I think I may have been credited with power that I do not possess.

On a final note I worked out that over 1 million patients every month now use pharmacies that I have helped set up. That isn’t a boast, it is just something that I am proud of.