January 31, 2019
  • Rushport Advisory

Successfully opposing pharmacy applications

Whilst we are best known for the work we do in applying to open new pharmacies, we also act in cases where local pharmacy operators want to oppose the opening of new pharmacy premises. Two of our more interesting and recent successes were in Alconbury and Bournville.

In Alconbury we had already acted for an independent pharmacies to secure him permission to open a new pharmacy in the village. The local doctors decided to make their own pharmacy application and we were instructed to oppose it by our original client, which we did successfully.

In Bournville there is a large new medical centre being built with no pharmacy for a mile around it. A firm that specialises in acting for property developers applied to open a pharmacy at the medical centre as did another independent pharmacy operator. It was the type of case where we would normally be acting for the applicant and preparing detailed reports to support a case, but on this occasion we were contacted by a local pharmacy owner who wanted to object to the new pharmacy applications. The case wnet ot oral hearing and we were happy to see the decision of Primary Care Appeals which has refused the two applications.