March 31, 2017
  • Rushport Advisory

Rare Approval of Application under Regulation 17 in London

We are pleased to announce that, working for a client, we have secured a rare approval for a new pharmacy under Regulation 17 – “identified improvements or better access”. New pharmacy contracts are rarely approved in the London area as it is traditionally considered to have too many pharmacies. In this case we worked with out client to secure the consent when we became aware that the relevant PNA contained specific enough wording to merit an application of this type. Local contractors opposed the application and relied on the fact that there were several pharmacies within a short distance of the proposed site. Under normal circumstances the presence of several other local pharmacy contractors would mean that there was little or no chance of a new pharmacy contract being approved, but the NHS Litigation Authority agreed with us that the need has been identified within the PNA with enough certainty to mean that the presence of other contractors in the area was not relevant in this particular case and the application was approved.

Our client is aiming to open the new pharmacy later in 2017.