January 10, 2017
  • Rushport Advisory

New Pharmacy for Colchester

We are delighted to announce that after an oral hearing, we have secured permission to open a new pharmacy at a large medical centre in Colchester. The NHSLA has previously considered and refused two other applications at the same site, but approved our application because we were able to provide evidence that had previously not been submitted to the NHSLA. The Oral Hearing Panel heard two applications on the same day, one from Rushport to open the new pharmacy and another from Boots to relocate existing premises to the medical centre. The Panel decided that the Rushport application should be approved and refused the Boots application as they would be moving away from the area that they naturally served.

We are now working with the doctors at the medical centre and have had great support from the local council and residents who are all delighted that the pharmacy will be able to open later in 2017.