September 14, 2015
  • Rushport Advisory

New pharmacy approved at Bidford Health Centre

Bidford in Worcestershire has become our latest success story following the approval of our application to open a new pharmacy at Bidford Health Centre. The application was initially refused by NHS England, but the NHSLA convened an oral hearing and after hearing evidence the Panel unanimously approved the application.The health centre had recently moved away from the centre of the village and the Panel agreed that there were sufficient issues with both access and choice to be able to grant the appeal.

Commenting on the approval Conor Daly, Partner at Rushport said;

“The health centre has over 11,000 patients and issues over 250,000 prescription items every year. There is a great opportunity to work with the doctors who currently dispense to approximately half of their patients in order to provide a full pharmacy service to every patient in the area.”