May 13, 2015
  • Rushport Advisory

Rushport Secures Minor Relocation of Pharmacy in Scotland That Had Previously Been Refused

Rushport acts as pharmacy consultants across the whole of the UK and we are regularly working on projects across all four jurisdictions at the same time. The pharmacy regulations are noticeably different in each country and it is vital to understand the rules for opening new pharmacy or relocating existing ones before making a pharmacy application.

We recently worked for a client who had been refused permission to move a short distance in Scotland because the health Board felt that the new premises would ‘serve a different population’. Our client was worried because they had been served an eviction notice and without permission to relocate they would have had to close the pharmacy. We wrote to the Health Board and provided them with court judgments that showed that they had interpreted the Regulations incorrectly and less than a month later our client’s fresh application was approved.