law changes for distance selling/ internet pharmacies
September 30, 2022
  • Rushport Advisory

New Website and News Updates

We have been quiet with posts for a few months, but we haven’t gone away! If you have been here before you might notice that we have a new website that we hope you like the design of so you will start to see some new content coming through now.

Summer tends to be a little quieter than the rest of the year as the NHS Area Teams have people off on holiday and Committee meetings get delayed or cancelled. Even with that we had a particularly busy summer this year. A few of the highlights include;

  • We have kept our 100% success rate with distance selling pharmacy applications despite a number of these having gone to appeal and some very lengthy letters of appeal being written by those trying to oppose our clients’ applications.
  • Technology continues to be at the forefront of our thinking, especially with online pharmacy. We have a number of clients across NHS and private pharmacy who are providing online prescribing platforms and there is an increasing focus from the GPhC on how these platforms / websites work. This renewed focus from the GPhC is both important and welcome in our view, but we are seeing inconsistencies in how websites are being appraised by inspectors and a lack of clarity from the GPhC about not only what they will approve, but also the thinking behind the decision making process.
  • We have acted across almost the full range of NHS pharmacy applications from consolidations, to relocations and new contracts to challenges to dispensing doctor rights. We will provide details of some of the more interesting cases in separate posts.

And for those of you attending this year’s Pharmacy Show, Conor Daly will be giving a talk on setting up distance selling pharmacies on the Sunday of the show at the Business Theatre