April 20, 2023
  • Rushport Advisory

New Pharmacy Approved for New Medical Centre in Cramlington

We are delighted to announce that we have secured a new NHS pharmacy contract for the new Brockwell Surgery site in Cramlington. The new medical centre is part of a large development on the south east of Cramlington that also includes an existing urgent care centre. The case was complex as whilst the PNA identified that there would be a need for a pharmacy in the future, it did not properly indicate when such a new pharmacy should be permitted to open. The PNA also  contained contradictory statements about the need for this pharmacy. As a result of this we were unable to rely on the PNA and had to apply under regulation 18 for an “unforeseen benefits” application. The NHS rejected the application and we appealed this decision and the application was considered by way of oral hearing.

It was surprising that 3 members of the local LPC committee turned up at the hearing to strongly object to the application. After hearing their evidence and answers to questions the oral hearing Committee stated that they “found the inconsistencies in the LPC’s arguments unhelpful” as whilst the LPC appeared to accept that there would be a new pharmacy required at some point in the future, it shold not be at our proposed location, but they did not know where it shold be located.

Ultimately the oral hearing panel agreed that the application should be approved and we look forward to opening when the development is completed in early 2024.