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Standard NHS Pharmacy Applications

“Whether it is protecting the business you have or expanding into new areas, we have unrivalled expertise in the pharmacy sector.”

We understand that pharmacists and doctors rarely have the time or training to fully understand the 200+ pages of Regulations that govern the opening and operation of new pharmacies and whether you are seeking to open a new business or protect an existing one you will probably only get one chance to get it right. Rushport offers a range of services to the pharmacy sector and we work with all sizes of businesses, from multi-national FTSE 100 listed companies to sole traders. In every case, our focus is on adding real and measurable value to your business.

NHS Pharmacy Licensing Applications / Control of Entry

All pharmacists know that the Control of Entry Regulations means that the pharmacy market is highly regulated and it can be very difficult to secure permission to open new pharmacy premises or relocate existing pharmacies. This area of work is often known as ‘pharmacy licensing’ or ‘pharmacy contracts’ even though no actual written licence or contract exists.

For applicants, the most important thing to consider when looking at the Regulations is whether or not your proposals have a reasonable chance of being approved by NHS England or, at appeal, by NHS Resolution (formerly known as the NHS Litigation Authority), or whether they are likely to be a waste of time and money. At Rushport we take the time to understand exactly what our clients are trying to achieve and consider the various strategies available to achieve those goals. We will review the options open to you and advise you on the likely chances of success and importantly, we do that without charging you anything. Everything we do is about adding real and measurable value to your business which is why we are always happy to provide you with an honest, straightforward and free appraisal of your plans.

For existing pharmacy contractors it can be a scary experience when someone comes along and tries to open a new pharmacy in an area that you serve, or another pharmacy in the town wants to move closer to the main medical centre. One of the most important things in cases like this is to get your initial representations to NHS England in the correct format. It is also vital to focus on the regulatory issues and not just your own emotions. Our experience in this sector is unrivalled. Not only are we the most successful company at securing new contracts and pharmacy relocations, but we understand how applications can be successfully opposed.



Applications for new pharmacies or relocations of existing premises are now governed by the National Health Service (Pharmaceutical and Local Pharmaceutical Services) Regulations 2013, which came into force in April 2013. There are major changes from the ‘old’ 2005 or 2012 Regulations and pharmacists need to be aware of the impact those changes could have on their businesses or plans.

The main reason for applications being refused by NHS England, or at appeal by NHS Resolution, is because applicants fail to provide the relevant information or submit applications that didn’t ever have a reasonable chance of success. We often see applicants submit the information that they think should be relevant only to have decision-making bodies find against them and even state that the information provided was ‘unhelpful’ or ‘not relevant. The same applies to those who are objecting to applications and it is vital to get the initial response to NHS England correct or it can even prevent you from being allowed to attend oral hearings. It might seem unfair, but we have attended oral hearings where the local pharmacy contractor was barred from attending simply because they failed to make the correct form of representation to NHS England.

Rushport has worked with clients in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and we have secured new pharmacy licences in all four areas and successfully opposed them too. Whether it is the National Appeal Panel, the Welsh Assembly or NHS Resolution in England, we can provide the advice and assistance that you need.

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Commercial Negotiation

Many pharmacists are approached about relocating their businesses to new medical centres or retail developments. If you are in this position is vital that you understand how to value the potential opportunity and also what pitfalls you should avoid. We have seen pharmacies relocate to new medical centre developments and sign leases with low starting rents, only to find their rent doubling or tripling at the first rent review. If you are interested in moving your business but need assistance in negotiating the right deal, then please contact us.

Pharmacy Premises Standards Set By the GPhC

We are happy to help and guide you through the GPhC registration process that all new pharmacies have to go through. Our services range from providing templates for you to work from all the way to setting up premises and hosting GPhC inspections. Please contact us today if you would like to get NHS Pharmacy application advice.

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