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“The difference between the financial success and failure of a new medical centre development is often the choice of pharmacy partner.”

We understand that when developers undertake new medical centre developments it is critical to be able to secure tenants at an early stage. Securing the right pharmacy tenant at an early stage can be the difference between the financial success, or failure, of a project.

The pharmacy market is highly regulated, with the most recent Regulations coming into force in April 2013. These new Regulations have done away with the previously familiar concepts of ‘100 hour pharmacies’ and ‘minor relocations’ and it is important that both existing and future projects be re-assessed in light of these regulatory changes.

Site selection can be critical to securing a pharmacy tenant. In most cases, developers will not have a large selection of appropriate sites to choose from, but it is important that each site be modelled correctly at the outset to properly assess the likelihood of being able to secure a pharmacy tenant.

At Rushport we can advise on not only the likelihood of any pharmacy being allowed to operate from a new medical centre but also the likely financial terms a tenant would be prepared to pay. We have worked on a large number of schemes across the UK and have unrivalled contacts across the pharmacy sector at both local and national levels.

Key to our service is the ability to take all the problems in securing the appropriate tenant and deal with them on your behalf. We have been trusted to undertake this work by LIFT Companies, major healthcare property developers and also on private schemes. We can also assist with securing forward funding for private schemes.

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