New pharmacy approved after a local pharmacy operator ceases trading.

Whilst the NHS remains "free at the point of service", cuts in funding and the inability to obtain appointments and treatments that fit in with modern living is leading to a rise in private prescribing and pharmacy services. In this post we consider some of the recent work we have done in this field.

We were recently asked to take over the representation of a client who was attempting to move a very short distance within the same area (less than 100 metres). The client had instructed a firm of solicitors to act for them, but despite this NHS England had refused their application and decided that regulation 31 applied. In essence, regulation 31 applies if you try to relocate ...

We are often instructed by clients that want to relocate their pharmacy to different premises, but our client in the Midlands needed a slightly different service. Our client was being forced to relocate their premises as their lease was going to run out and the owner of their building was also the previous owner of the pharmacy they had only recently purchased. Our client had i ...

It is sometimes said that securing permission for new pharmacies to open with standard 40 hour contracts in central London is impossible. It isn't impossible, but it is very difficult and rare. We are pleased to say that we recently secured permission for one of our clients to open a new pharmacy at the former News International "Fortress Wapping" site near Tower Bridge in cent ...

Branded Generics Hurt Pharmacy Contractor Profits, but the DoH has recognised that they also unfairly distribute profit and is consulting on changes to the current remuneration system

If the DoH wants to increase the number of consolidations of pharmacies it can make small changes to the legislation that would help pharmacies and meet their own aims.

Successfully opposing a new pharmacy contract application for large multiple

Rushport secures relocation of two pharmacies to local health centres after oral hearing

A recent tax case shold be of interest to all pharmacies who dispense private prescriptions and especially those who are linked to online doctor consultations