"As an organisation where the majority of the shareholding sits with the public sector, it is important to ensure that all processes to secure pharmacy tenants meet the same exacting criteria used elsewhere in LIFT, as well as ensuring excellent value for money."

At Rushport we have an in depth understanding of the procurement process involved in LIFT. We understand the issues raised by the joint public and private sector ownership of LIFT Companies and the requirement for proposed tenants to be able to agree terms under the same 'lease plus' structure as the rest of the building tenants. We understand that there are additional operating requirements for LIFT developments that are not faced by third party developers and that the process for securing pharmacy tenants has to be handled in a way that meets the standards expected of the public sector whilst still providing the same level of financial return more commonly associated with private sector developments.

We work for a number of different LIFT Companies and would be very happy to discuss your requirements.