Rushport was instructed by a leading national pharmacy operator to negotiate terms with a GP practice and healthcare investment company landlord and secure a lease over pharmacy space within an existing medical centre. The project, which began as a search for suitable space, soon became much bigger, as the GPs identified a requirement for additional clinical space.

The negotiations ended up including the pharmacy operator, GP practice, District Valuer, Investment Company, architects, and local authority planners. The inclusion of the pharmacy was the key to unlocking the potential for all the other identified requirements, such as extra clinical space. Rushport managed the entire process through to completion by meeting the requirements of all the parties, including the local authority planning department.


John Devlin, Parnter at Rushport

"Many, so called 'simple', projects to find space and agree a lease with a pharmacy operator become extremely complicated when the number of extra parties that are required to give consent, such as district valuers, the local authority and freeholders is recognised. Working across all these parties is very time consuming and it is vital to keep projects like this moving forward and ensure that everyone works together. Rushport has the expertise to manage the entire process, which allows the stakeholders to continue with their 'day job' in the knowledge that their project is progressing and being professionally managed."