Rushport worked with the developer, doctors and a pharmacy company to secure permission to open a new pharmacy within the new primary care centre in Kidderminster. The Primary Care Centre was designed to provide new accommodation for two existing GP practices, Northumberland House and Aylmer Lodge, with a combined list size of over 22,000 patients. In addition to medical services the building was also designed to accommodate a wide range of other primary care services service and an area of the building was allocated for a pharmacy unit.

Rushport worked with the local practices, the developer and the proposed pharmacy tenant, to structure a deal that all parties were happy with. Rushport was then tasked with securing a new pharmacy contract for the new development. No fewer than three different types of application were submitted under the 2005 Pharmacy Regulations and despite being refused permission for a new contract by what was then the local PCT, we successfully argued at appeal that the new development qualified as a 'One Stop Primary Care Centre' and were able to secure a new 'standard 40 hour' contract for the pharmacy tenant. The new medical centre and pharmacy are now fully operational.

Conor Daly, Partner at Rushport -

"This was one of the longest and most difficult pieces of work we have ever been involved with and we worked on the project with all stakeholders over a 2 year period. We were able to structure a deal that all parties were very happy with, although that was really only the start of the work required. Securing the required pharmacy contract took over 12 months and no fewer than three separate types of application, two of which were ultimately granted at appeal."